Have You Heard? DepositPhotos Voucher with New Website Launch

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Here on StockPhotoSecrets, we have always been big fans of Depositphotos.  The agency has some great content, low prices, and provides everything that small business owners and advertisers look for in a stock photo service to trust.  Additionally, we have been able to offer great one of a kind deals on Depositphotos to help new users discover the power of their offerings.  But now, Depositphotos has gotten even better, with an appealing site relaunch that changes the feel and functionality of the vendor.  Check out our unique Depositphotos voucher as being recommended by StockPhotoSecrets.com to check out the site’s new features today with five free downloads.

Depositphotos Site Relaunch

One of the things that may have held some customers back from trying out Depositphotos in the past was their site design, which left a few things to be desired.  First, they used to have an odd shade of green stripe bordering their homepage, that has now been replaced with a more standard and inviting grey.  Secondly, they have jumped aboard the global standard for stock photography home pages, with a wide, fullscreen attractive photo surrounding their search bar.  While Depositphotos now looks a little more like every other stock photo vendor out there, the changes are definitely welcome, and make the site look sleeker and more reputable.

Added Functionality with Depositphotos Site Relaunch

To their credit, Depositphotos relaunch wasn’t all about a sleek and fresh look.  In addition to a new appearance, Depositphotos has added a lot of new functionality, starting with better mobile responsiveness for quick and effective viewing on different  device types. With their new responsive design, Depositphotos can be viewed just as easily on tablets and mobile phones as it can be browsed on a desktop computer.  For stock photo users, this is an absolutely essential function, since the last thing you want is for the photos you are browsing on your phone to have a different definition or appearance once you open them on a computer.

In addition to resolution and responsiveness changes, Depositphotos also updated their search function in a number of important ways.  Now, you can sort photos based on their graphical orientation, separating landscape from portrait images.  Doing so makes it a lot easier for designers to find the photos they are looking for, and means you won’t have to do as much cropping or resizing to get exactly what you want displayed in high definition.  Aside from orientation filters, Depositphotos now allows users to sort out editorial content when searching, a key feature for advertisers who can’t use any of Depositphotos growing number of editorial images in marketing campaigns or for commercial purposes.

Experimenting with Depositphotos with a Free Image Voucher

In relaunching their site, Depositphotos of course hoped to recruit new customers who hadn’t given their service a shot in the past.  And if after reading about their new features and sleek responsive look above you are ready to experiment with the power of Depositphotos, there’s never been a better time to check out the vendor.  Here’s how you can use our unique Depositphotos voucher to start exploring the site for free.

First, start off by visiting the StockPhotoSecrets landing page on Depositphotos.  Follow that link, and you will find yourself on a unique page to redeem your Depositphotos voucher.  Once you’ve arrived, create a new account by registering with your information.  After registering, your voucher will be automatically redeemed, and there will be five free credits in your account that you can use to download free images from Depositphotos.  Most images only cost one credit, so that’s five free images just for creating a new account and following our voucher link.  And you can redeem those credits whenever you like, coming back to explore Depositphotos in the future.

Get Familiar with the NEW Depositphotos

After redeeming our unique voucher to get five free image downloads from Depositphotos, make sure to get familiar with the site’s new offerings.  Play around with the search bar, checking out the power of the orientation and editorial functions we mentioned above.  And feel free to browse Depositphotos on your phone or tablet.  Wherever you view images, they will show up in beautiful high definition, just like they will look when you download them on your desktop and incorporate them into your commercial uses.

Go ahead and bookmark Depositphotos now: you will want to remember this agency, and get familiar with using all of it’s features through our Depositphotos voucher code for free downloads.  From the homepage, you can enter whatever search terms you are interested in, and quickly find the exact image to meet your commercial needs.  Just like it always has, Depositphotos does everything that your stock photo service needs to do. Now, it just does all of that with a sleeker, responsive design, and you can start getting familiar for free.